Air Pollution, Particulate Matter and Inner strength by Kefir Detox!

Particulate matter, also called PM or soot, consists of microscopically small solid particles or liquid droplets suspended in the air.

The smaller the particles, the deeper they can penetrate into the respiratory system and the more hazardous they are to the body when breathed in. In short, the “pollution” or smog, which has currently engulfed Delhi NCR.The smaller-sized particles – those 2.5 micrometers or less in diameter, called PM2.5 – are of the greatest health concern because they can pass through the nose and throat and be absorbed deep inside the lungs.

How does this affect me?

Recent studies indicate that PM can have the following effects on our bodies and can cause:

  • lung irritation, which leads to increased permeability in lung tissue.
  • Aggravation of the severity of chronic lung diseases, causing rapid loss of airway function.
  • inflammation of lung tissue, resulting in the release of chemicals that can impact heart function.
  • changes in blood chemistry that can result in clots that may lead to heart attacks.
  • increased susceptibility to viral and bacterial pathogens leading to diseases like pneumonia.

What can we do about it?

Masks, might not be the best answer in this situation as it is equivalent to ensuring that an already laboured system is further forced to extract oxygen through a thick material. Similarly, investing in an air purifier could prove to be counter-productive as it reduces your body’s ability to deal with irritants in the environment.

So where does the answer lie?

The best answer in this situation is making your insides strong. What all does this entail? This essentially means:-

  • Body should be strong enough to not go into an overdrive, and overreact by causing high levels of inflammation for protection
  • Making sure that your immune system remains active and alert to prevent any attacks from opportunistic bacteria or viruses
  • Ensuring that your body has the ability to absorb the nutrition you feed it to heal any damage caused due to the prevailing environmental condition
  • Detoxification of foreign substances regularly and efficiently

All of these to fulfil together definitely seems a tall order, however, nature, through its various gifts and bounty, has provided us yet another example as to how we can save ourselves from a state of extinction that we are so hell-bent on achieving.

One such gift now available to us in our country is Kefir. Kefir is the world’s most powerful probiotic drink which originated in cold countries such as Russia and some other European countries.

How can a probiotic help a situation where of air pollution or high levels of particulate matter (PM) in the air are wreaking havoc in your system?

  • Kefir ensures that it heals the lungs quicky, thus preventing permeability of lungs from increasing by acting as an anti-allergic 1.
  • Kefir considerably reduces and over a period of time eliminates inflammation, which not only heals the lungs and improves their function, but also completely cleans them up of infections. 2.
  • Inflammation of the lung tissue is similar to what happens in Asthma and bronchitis and kefir has been a great ally in the fight against these. 3
  • Kefir has the proven ability to lower cholesterol and thus prevent clogging of the veins and arteries. It also reverses calcination of blood vessels and clears blood vessels. 4.
  • Kefir significantly boosts the body’s innate immune system, thus preventing infections. Also the good bacteria in kefir are able to fight off pathogenic microorganisms. 5
  • Kefir clears the body of environmental toxins, salts, heavy metals, radionuclides and alcoholic products.
  • It’s time we stopped looking at superficial methods for fighting stimuli such as air pollution or particulate matter. You owe it to yourself and your family to make your body strong from within and the immune system robust enough to fight external factors which may cause trouble for your body.

    by Abhimanyu S Rathore

    Abhimanyu is the founder of KefirCo, India’s first company to launch kefir a couple years ago. After a lot of research, trial and error, they successfully managed to create the exact conditions as kefir’s originating region. They now make and deliver it across Delhi NCR and are especially careful of the quality of their product. Their customers will vouch for the fact that kefir from KefirCo is 100% pure and natural and absolutely effective.

    He is also an INHC (IIN, New York), Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Personal Trainer, CBHC (Amen Clinics, US), Psychotherapist & Counselor (IPMS, Mumbai), CFMP (FMU, US), Pranic Healer, and an Access Bars Practitioner.