It’s the INSULIN, Stupid

Let’s 1st understand the definition of dieting, as most people are so scared about this particular word.

Dieting : Bringing discipline to ones eating habit in terms of quality & quantity. This is the exact reason, why we all accumulate all those belly & other stubborn fat.

Disclaimer : Low Carb does not mean Zero Carb.

What? Stop eating Rice & roti? Are you crazy? This is our staple food & we are eating them since our childhood. And besides, aren’t carbs necessary for life? Aren’t they full of vitamins? What if I can’t live without my favorite bread or pasta? Not even fruit? But fruit is “natural”. The short answers is : Carbs do not have any business in an adult body (your body can easily make glucose from fat and protein). Meat, chicken, fish, eggs, Paneer, Soya, cheese and Green Veggies are also full of vitamins. Also, you will find that once you break your sugar addiction, you will live just fine without your bread, pasta, rice or fruit.

The more carbs we eat, the more we feed the demands of insulin. Insulin wants all the power, all the control, and all the glucose it can get. Insulin does not care if you live or die, it just cares that it is in charge and you are obeying its bottomless cravings for glucose. Insulin knows that it can store an infinite supply of carbs as fat, and as long as you keep obeying and sending the glucose down, insulin will store it. Insulin will store the fat under our skin, between our organs, in our liver, in our blood and in our arteries.

Every time insulin begs for carbs, instead of eating carbs, eat meat, fat and leafy greens. Your body is designed like a hybrid car and can burn two kinds of fuels: glucose and fat (ketones). But your body has to figure out how to make the switch. Insulin has been so busy collecting, storing and hording your fat and does not want to let go of the power or the fat. Even when you cut back on calories and exercise, as long as you are eating some carbs, insulin is in the driver’s seat, and insulin is going to hang on to that fat. When you stop eating the carbs and you eat fat instead, the power is taken away from insulin, and he is minimized.

Once insulin is out of the picture, something new and wonderful happens. The pancreas senses that there is no glucose to burn but there is new dietary fat to burn. The pancreas releases a NEW hormone: Glucagon. Glucagon only comes out when the Glucose is GONE Glucagon is our hero and our lifesaver. He has a very special job: to burn the fat. Without insulin guarding the fat, Glucagon throws open the floodgates and says, “Release the fat!”

And then starts the real magic. You start loosing all those stubborn fats deposited around your lower abdomen , thigh, buttock, lower arms and chest areas.

For more, do google and educate yourself, get yourself convinced, read all research papers available in the Internet, try reading people’s blog who all have achieved wonders with Low carb diet.

I wonder why science of health & nutrition is not taught in this way in the school level to every one.

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Satyajit Dash
Chief Sports Nutritionist