Live session - BAIN & CO

May 2016 - A nutrition talk with the experts, live 121 and a choice of healthy food to gorge on during your daily break! What else do you need. Nutrition team of Pnut with help of the Bindaas team of Bain arranged for a live session to talk about healthy eating, good food habits, and a live salad counter by PNUT. Great turnout and a great event as per the employees feedbacks.  


July 2016 - You work out like a maniac, but dont really focus on your diet. Whats that gonna do to you? - Mediocre to no results, thats right, 70% is dependent on the nutrition you take. Thats what the team PNUT was there at sculpt to explain / talk about the importance of healthy eating along with the gym goers regimen. Some live action and some samples to drive the point home. All and all, it was a win win for everyone. 


Aug 2016 - A KETO exclusive launch at a specialist fitness studio, Fivemore for fitness, Sec 50 Gurgaon. What happens when you introduce Keto specialist coaches and their PT clients to a widest array of Keto food options - KABOOM, thats right, thats what happens when super healthy food with super taste gives super results too! A teaser session before going live with our own Keto Kitchen from PNUT. 

PNUT at REEBOK Crossfit

Sep 2016 - BRO do you even lift? No we crossfit 🙂 Thats right, team PNUT spreading the same healthy cheer at Reebok Crossfit, with one of our dear pals Himanshu Bathla. With crossfit, comes CrossEat, where PNUT comes in and fills teh void. Another great session with awesome people. 


October 2016 - A Diwali Mela and we are just going to talk about healthy food - Nah, too boring. With the help of Fivemore and other friends we had amazing Zumba session, nutrition talk and some healthy food sampling. Now this is what we call a really nice Diwali gift to our fellow friends at Fidelity. Some amazing Nutrition myths were busted that day.  

PNUT at Evalueserve (EVS)

Nov 2016 - Now this is what we call a large scale 2 day Nutrition workshop where we worked together with EVS employees to come up with better nutrition related solutions for them.  Our corporate nutrition programme has been designed to guide employees towards the healthiest food choices to boost brain power, improve mood and keep sick days at bay. Working with our team of nutritionists and health coaches we offered them 1:1 nutrition consultations and group activities to educate them about healthy lifestyle. Some of the modules included activities based on myth busting, making healthy choices, understanding is believing and many more. 

BEASTMASTER Challenge (Sculpt)

January 2017 - Once again, team PNUT was back at Sculpt, this time with a bang. A fitness challenge was organised for the launch of PNUT kiosk at SCUPLT named as Beastmaster. A team event divided into 4 modules to really test out the endurance and fitness levels of the members. And yes, winners take all, they would eat anything from the kiosk as much as they want that winning day. 

Cyberhub FoodFest

Feb 2017 - A full fledged stall in one of the most happening gourmet food festivals in one of the most happening places in Gurgaon - Cyberhub. Thats right, PNUT spread its magic during the 3 day period focusing on different areas each day, ranging from awareness of low carb diets, fitness challenges and prizes, live counters and many more activities. 

Lufthansa TIE Startup EXPO

August 2017 - A full fledged explainer booth in the TIE Luftansa startup expo. We were live at the startup expo with our partner brand Kefirco. See for yourself how does PNUT day work for you.  #healthyfood #pnut #fitnessmeals #kefir #kefirco#healthy #healthygut #TIE #startupexpo

Nutritional Workshop - ZS Associates

November 2017 - On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, team PNUT along with Fit For Life created a diabetic specific nutritional workshop for working professionals. Diabetes origins, label reading games, and nutritional jeopardy TV game show... all in one.  #zsassociates #zs #nutritionworkshop #healthyliving#worlddiabetesday