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Satyajit Dash is a Health & LCHF (WOE) lifestyle Management coach & an ISSA certified sports nutritionist, who helps people to understand the benefits of this way of eating, and how people can get out from obesity easily, by eating plenty of real food. His expertise is to help people particularly in Indian context, helping people to identify the food in the plate that triggers the fat protecting hormone, and help them to reduce that from their daily plate replacing with food with high Fat & protein stuff, bursting the age old nutritional myths about Fat & Protein. LCHF (WOE) not only help people to get rid of excess body fat, it also help to achieve people their optimum health in terms of getting rid of Blood pressure, Hypertension, stress, migraine, thyroid, Insulin resistance,  Type2 diabetics and better energy level.
Satyajit himself has adapted LCHF way of eating since last two years, and during his journey, he lost his 20 kg. of body fat in the 1st 3 month time. You may read his story here.
Apart from Satyajit being a health & LCHF coach, he is also a corporate employee, is a qualified Geotechnical professional from IIT, Mumbai & ISM ( IIT), Dhanbad.

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Dr. GS Kochar MBBS, DMM

Doctor & Medical Graduate from JIPMER, Pondicherry
16 years of direct experience in Slimming, Weight Management and Preventive Healthcare Industry
Dedicated practitioner of Nutribiomics and a staunch believer in the power of nutrition
Employs scientific, healthy and customised nutrition to deliver weight loss / weight correction and to undo the diseases & illnesses associated with excess body weight thereby helping people restore their health, wellness and vitality



An engineer by profession, his overwhelming passion for fitness led Tarun Kumar to become a Certified Personal Trainer from the K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences in Mumbai. 
He has sound knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology, Resistance and Functional Training, and Cardiovascular Regulations backed by years of experience in powerlifting and strength conditioning. A trainer who believes in putting form and technique above all else, he has helped hundreds of clients transform their bodies and lifestyle with the right workout and diet. He is equally knowledgeable about nutrition and firmly believes that no workout is complete without nutrition.



A computer engineer from NIT turned fitness professional for his passion to do what he loves. He has over 15 years of Fitness Experience, worked with Top Fitness Brands, changed his life and of hundreds of others. He is BODY PUMP, RPM and Bootcamp certified by LesMills in Dubai. He is also TRX Certified from MEFITPro and ViPR, Bosu, Functional Training Expert. Currently the director of vstudiof3 and founder of MP Fitness Solutions. 



I'm a Dietitian & Sports Nutritionist and ISSA Certified Health Coach. I've my own online portal and clinic for people looking to lose fat and get back in shape in the healthiest way possible! I've an experience of 4 years in this industry and have transformed many people during this phase. 

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