Muscle Building

Muscle Building
Muscle Building

The Strengthening Plan

  • Category:
  • Strength Building
  • Weeks:
  • 2-6
  • Nutrition Plan:
  • Yes
  • Fitness Level:
  • Basic (ST1), Intermediate (ST2) and Advanced (ST3)
  • Workout Support:
  • Yes
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Support for all

Whether you are a professional bodybuilder or a dedicated amateur, whether you are trying to gain muscle or trying to stay muscular, you are simply awesome and have come to the right place. Keep on pumping that iron and let us take care of your nutrition, end-to-end.

Balanced Nutrition

When it comes to strength building we see number of aspiring people failing due to inadequate nutrition in terms natural protein, fiber and carb sources. Often we see people with limited or temporary gains which tend to wash out as soon as they stop their supplements, which is a direct result of a non-stable and non natural strengthening diet. A common trend across people worldwide.

Nutrition Plan

Our health plans are highly targeted and prepared to take care of your muscle recovery. A sample diet would be heavy on a perfect blend of different kinds of natural proteins (dairy, eggs, poultry, lamb, greens and soy), carbs level to perfection, and moderate fat levels to suit your needs. This ensures maximum muscle gain and minimum fat gain when you work out.

The Plan

Strengthening menu is updated regularly and we provide high protein and tasteful meals that your recovering body needs. Vegan and Vegetation plans are also available. For the ‘on the go’ generation we have super food protein snacks as well.

NO or little Compromise on Taste

Our signature meal plans make sure that you are neither deprived of the right nutrition nor the taste. We at PNUT take care on preparing that ‘special’ and natural meal plan. These health plans are highly specialized to take care of you.

Meet the Coaches

Satyajit Dash

ISSA Certified Health Coach

Abdul Qadir

Celebrity Fitness Trainer

Suman Maheshwari

Fitness Training

Ambica Sharma

Sports Nutrition Expert

Success Stories

See What Others Have Achieved

"PNUT’s Shred program has already changed thousands of
lives. Here's what those who finished it have to say!"

Keto Heaven

Absolutely brilliant. Their keto packs are highly recommended. I really loved their keto pizza and Thai curries. If you are looking to eat clean then this is the place for you.

Rajarshi Mitra

Delhi NCR

Avid Keto Follower

Walking Fit

“I am on PNUT Big Protein Theory Plan since May’16 and boy do I get high protein wholesome food delivered to me each day, absolutely.”

Gautam Khosla

Bain & Co.

Muscle Building

“There are time when one feels the urge to lose fat without doing anything extra ordinary. Pnut helped me in achieve exactly that. Pnut's full day plan has helped me a lot during my training days. ”


Keto power

Eating clean was never so exciting, counting macros was never so delicious. Pnut is always an obvious choice, either it is my regular meals or the days i wish to cheat.

Priyanka Garia

1 year plus on KETO

Healthy Food Redefined

When I was first introduced to PNUT, I was told it is for people who want to eat healthy and avoid carbs. Well, it was true.

Gabreille Nelson Mukhia

Delhi NCR

PNUT Custom

“PNUT is awesome, healthy food which is tasty and customised to my needs. But the best part is the variety of the meals you get, you can never get bored. Great experience from a great team”

Ramakrishna Mallya

Sr. Product Architect


KETO Custom

“Great taste, great health, great price. Thanks to PNUT for providing healthy nutritious meals that help me achieve my fitness goal."

Akshay Puri

Assistant Manager


Weight Loss

“I have been on a ketogenic diet for the past two months. It is a very difficult diet to do, if you are making everything yourself. Pnut has made it very easy to be on keto and diligently following this diet has resulted in weight loss. ”


that suits your FITNESS GOAL

  • Beginners start here
  • Level 1 plan best suited for the fitness enthusiasts who have started / want to start their journey
  • A person new to training with weights, geriatric or an individual with below averge fitness levels should Start here
  • Suggested workout level - low / mild

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  • You know your game
  • Level 2 plan is best suited for people training at intermediate level and can be exposed to a higher intensity.
  • Suggested workout level - mild / high

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  • You’ve been playing the game
  • Level 3 plan is for people at an advanced level, a trainee is quite experienced to subject himself to a higher intensity.
  • Every person starting off from a beginner level should aspire to reach this level
  • Suggested workout level - high

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  • Suited for all your requirements in a boxed manner
  • Strengthening meals

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