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  • PNUT basics Keto

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    • You’ve been hearing about KETO and now you want to play the game
    • Advanced level weight loss through a beginner level KETO
    • Streamlined version of KETO created through 4 years of R&D to give best results at a beginner level
    • Suggested workout level / high
    • Plan applicable only for limited areas of Gurgaon*  
    • 4 weeks plan to be consumed within 32 days of food delivery commencement
    • 6 weeks plan to be consumed within 48 days of food delivery commencement
    • Read description for available add ons

  • PHC (PNUT Holistic-Health Coaching)

    Mode of sessions Call/video/in-person
    1 Month Plan INR 4999
    3 Months Plan INR 11999
    6 Months Plan INR 15999
    Includes Diet Charts, Weekly calls, Online support group

  • Introduction to Low Carb Diet

    Fitness Nutrition Specilaist - NASM*

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  • Shredding Level 3(LCD/KETO Plan)

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    • You’ve been playing the game
    • Level 3 plan is for people who need weight loss at an advanced level based on their goal / body conditions / medical conditions
    • High intensity plans like KETO / LCD are part of level 3
    • Suggested workout level / high
    • Please read additional descritpion for more details

  • Shredding Level 2(Low Cal Plan)

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    • You need to up your game
    • Level 2 plan is best suited for people who need shredding at intermediate level
    • Suggested workout level - Mild / high

  • Shredding Level 1

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