Shredding Level 3(LCD/KETO Plan)

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Shredding Level 3(LCD/KETO Plan)


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  • You’ve been playing the game

  • Level 3 plan is for people who need weight loss at an advanced level based on their goal / body conditions / medical conditions

  • High intensity plans like KETO / LCD are part of level 3

  • Suggested workout level / high

  • Please read additional descritpion for more details



ST1A full day comprehensive meal plan, designed to make you healthy, lean & fit. From your morning green tea to your post dinner nuts, we’ve got it all covered. Premium daily fitness meal packages are based on PNUT’s proprietary nutrition algorithm for your specific healthy diet as per your requirement. Each day consists of 3 portion controlled meals (additional snack boxes varies by plans) and can have upto 1300-2800 Kcals with upto 200g of natural protein (Strengthening level 3 plan*). It’s a prepaid package and the number of days can be consumed in the fashion as per users’ requirement. The plan entails: Global Multi-cuisine Menu Best suited plan for you Macro & micro-nutrients based specific diet Weekly Nutritionist call* Unlimited natural protein* per day 3 + 1 meals per day (3 meals in KETO) 6 week plans need to be consumed within 60 days of commencement 4 week plans need to be consumed within 35 days of commencement 2 week plans need to be consumed within 21 days of commencement.

The plans are scientifically crafted keeping the three food preferences(V/E/NVeg) into picture. A particular plan can have either one of the three food preferences only and it cannot vary as per choice on different days. 

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