How it works

How it works
How it works

How does it work

Whoever you are, your fitness starts with us, in just 3 simple steps.

Choose your fitness goal

Whether you are looking to build muscles, reduce body fat, manage lifestyle disorder or simply want to
eat healthier and be more energetic. PNUT will help you achieve your fitness goal.

1 Sh

Weight Loss FAT loss Low Carb KETO / LCHF Low Calorie

9 TH

Diabetes Thyroid Heart Care PCOD Hormonal Imbalances

6 ST

Body building Strenght Training Muscle Building High Protein

Select your precise meal plan

Within each fitness goals there are various plans designed as per your requirements and needs. Fitness results are based on 70% diet and 30% workouts. So select that perfect plan and we will handcraft it and deliver it at your doorstep.

Simply choose between a full day plan or a part day plan

EAT to Achieve

Once we receive your order, our nutrition team will create your meal plan, taking your body parameters, lifestyle and fitness goal into account. We diligently ensure that your meal plan is varied, precise and consistent. our fitness professional chefs curate your meal plan by carefully selecting high - quality ingredients packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

Your plan is handcrafted and delivered at your doorstep
at the time slot chosen by you. So, sit back and enjoy
your meals and eat to achieve!

Start Now
Take control of your health and fitness now. Holistic tailored subscription plans with meals, consultation and dietitian support to reach your fitness goals at the earliest. Book your plan now at FLAT 20% discount. USE code PNUT20
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