How does it work

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PNut /'pea-nut/ helps you achieve your fitness goal in 3 simple steps:

A. Choose your fitness goal

Bodybuilding, losing weight, or just staying fit & healthy


Whether you are a professional bodybuilder or a dedicated amateur, we have got all the nutrition you need! Gain those muscles the natural and healthy way. It's time to put the theory to practice.


Lead a healthy lifestyle. EAT, walk and sleep. We've got your nutrition covered, six times a day and seven days a week. Just keep on doing what you do best and we will take care of the rest.


Come, break the habit! Its time to lose all that flab with our signature CRYSTAL METHod - a healthy and sustainable way of losing weight. It's your life, take control to be healthy and stay healthy. 

B. Select your precise meal plan

Within each fitness goals there are various plans designed as per your requirements and needs. Fitness results are based on 70% diet and 30% workouts. So select that perfect plan and we will handcraft it and deliver it at your doorstep. 

C. You know the goal and the plan, now select your product:

making you fit, one box at a time
starts at 216/-

Chef crafted global menu

Upto 300-600Kcals per box

Upto 30-45g* of natural protein

User defined frequency (1-3 boxes per day)

*all prices mentioned above are exclusive of any taxes.

D. EAT to Achieve

How to get started?

Browse through our fitness plans
Our store contains plans for all shapes and sizes.

click to visit store

Check out and pay
Once selected a plan and its duration, simply book your plan to subscribe.
And we'll delivery it end to end!
Your entire day's meal would be delivered to your preferred location to cover your end to end nutrition.

Achieve, with PNUT 

With the help of PNUT's unique health goals focused meal plans you can achieve your fitness goals in the most easy and enjoyable fashion. We would be there with you throughout your entire journey of attaining your fitness goal. All plans are customized to suit your requirements. 

Complement your PNUT boxes with light/moderate/intense workout to maximize benefits. Follow the 360 degree HEXA meal routine to achieve your life fitness goals. 

All you need is to eat, we take care of the rest.

So what are you waiting for?