Fat/Weight Loss (Shredding)


Eat more to lose more
Breaking Fat meals are designed specifically for people who are trying to lose that body fat. With our CRYSTAL METHod we change the notion of eating less for losing fat to ‘EAT MORE TO LOSE MORE.
No or little compromise on taste
Our signature meal plans make sure that you are neither deprived of the right nutrition nor the taste. We at PNUT take care on preparing that ‘special’ and natural meal plan and call it ‘Breaking Fat’. These health plans are highly customized and prepared to take care of your fat loss without compromising on muscle loss or recovery.
Lose that flab naturally
PNUT gives you fresh and natural foods and is far away from all shortcut diets and artificial things. So, lose that fat, lose those inches – You can lose up to 4kgs* in a month by complementing PNUT with moderate level physical activity

So how does it work?

Discuss your goals
Tell us about your goals in detail and let us help you with deciding a plan and duration
Precise Nutrition Delivered
Follow the delivered nutrition throughout the duration of the plan with sincere effort
Physical Activity
Complement your nutrition with moderate/heavy level of physical activity for best results