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An exquisite collection of Low carb desserts made to order, right from Shivani’s Kitchen.
The list ranges from Cheesecakes, choco fudges, sponge cakes, and cookies. Just select your fix and it’ll be delivered the next day*.

*24 hour prior order required.

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Welcome to Great Low Carb Company – GLCC!
Browse through our lip smacking collection of low carb cakes and cookies and shop with confidence.

With around 2 years of experience in Low Carb and Sugar Free cooking we hope to offer as much assistance as possible in helping you follow your plan.

We offer a wide variety of low carbohydrate and sugar free baked items which we hope will make it much more enjoyable in cutting out sugars and carbs. This also means that you do not have to miss out on anything as we offer alternatives to the majority of food types.

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Plain Cheese Cake (500g), Strawberry Cheese cake (500g), Blue Berry Cheese cake (500g), Chocolate Cheese cake (500g), Mocha Cheese Cake (500g), Lemon Cheese cake (500g), Sponge Chocolate Cake (500g), Chocolate Fudge (500g), Peanut Butter – Cheese Cake (500g), Keto Bread Loaf, Almond-coconut flour cookies ( Plain), Almond-coconut flour cookies ( Chocolate), Plain Cheese Cake (250g), Strawberry Cheese cake (250g), Blue Berry Cheese cake (250g), Chocolate Cheese cake (250g), New York Cheese Cake (250g), New York Cheese Cake (500g)

4 reviews for Keto Bakes – Shivani’s Kitchen

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Just had shivani’s kitchen’s peanutbutter cheese cake…it was healthy and delicious… never knew that “cakes” can be healthy too…Now stopped other food delivery services as my cheesecakes keeps me too occupied… simply awesome

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rabia Aslam Khan

    So here we are, wondering if its advisable to have a cake to celebrate an occasion, and eat it too! With these cool Keto Bakes from Shivanis Kitchen (thats literal too btw) you obviously literally can and definitely should!

    My favourite is the choco fudge cheese cake (i think thats what its called…) with a layer of pure Lindtt dark chocolate on top for that extra crunch and taste! That said, her blueberry cheesecake melts in you mouth and strawberry looks and tastes like a very creamy ice cream! Oh and it has realy strawberry in it. 🙂 If you like that fruity zing, there’s the lemon cheesecake… SIMPLY AWESOME!

    I am a coffee lover so nothing like going overboard and having a cheesecake with coffee in it. So for all my weird choices imagination and absolutely crazy cravings there is the very yummy Mocha Cheese cake with a touch of coffee in it to make you go mmmmm while waking up your departments to the day. No i dont think you need to have it first thing in the morning… but make sure you do pick it up if the occassion has people like me who would almost marry anything with coffee in it!

    Her latest addition, the choco peanut butter has something for those looking for protein in a cake (although why would anyone do that, is beside me…) but hey! there it is! No sugar, a little salty peanut (now thats why I love it, because it mellows down the sweetness a little for me 🙂 ) and ofcourse her famous chocolate cheese to follow!

    So well… the point is, the cakes taste awesome, are packed with good fats and look like heaven too! I have no idea why would someone not pick this instead of any random cake/bake in the market unless they are on a mission to eat sugar, and carbs and all the things which these days scare the heavens out of me! OK… they dont, not that much but you get the jist here, yes? You’re getting a healthier option and there is zero compromise on taste so, seriously, give it a go! I promise you will love them.

    This, coming from a “not a big” sweet lover like me, is something. I am not exagerating and I swear I could not stop myself from taking second third and more helpings of the choco fudge. I am not a chocolate lover by design either… so thats some testimony for the taste!

    Oh! And did I mention, they are actually home baked with lots of love and care to add to the taste? So order away, you will love any/everything in there :).


  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Pankaj Bhayana (verified owner)

    Blueberry cheesecake from Shivani are wholly Keto and taste devine. She ensures to provide a sumptuous bed of nutty base in which her fluffy cheesecake with generous topping of blueberries rest. Her cheesecakes are healthy hence digging into a larger bite doesn’t make you feel guilty. Highly recommend even for those who are not on Keto diet since the pure ingredients used in baking this delicacy shouldn’t be missed.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Archana Bhat (verified owner)

    Since I am following LCHF diet and have a sweet tooth, I ordered strawberry cheese cake from Shivani’s Kitchen. I loved the tangy sweetness of strawberry paste coupled with cheesecake. To top it all, my 15 year old son who is a complete cake lover enjoyed it even more. Since then more than me, my son has been demanding this cake and we have been ordering the same. I would also like to recommend the keto bread loaf, which tastes just like any other bread. I no longer crave for bread slice in the mornings. Keep it up team.

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