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Keto Heaven

Absolutely brilliant. Their keto packs are highly recommended. I really loved their keto pizza and Thai curries. If you are looking to eat clean then this is the place for you.

Rajarshi Mitra

Delhi NCR

Avid Keto Follower

Keto power

Eating clean was never so exciting, counting macros was never so delicious.
Pnut is always an obvious choice, either it is my regular meals or the days i wish to cheat.
Pnut is the must recommended coz its important to eat clean & health, and look whos talking someone who lost 25kg by just eating healthy.

Priyanka Garia

1 year plus on KETO

Weight Loss

“I have been on a ketogenic diet for the past two months. It is a very difficult diet to do, if you are making everything yourself. Pnut has made it very easy to be on keto and diligently following this diet has resulted in weight loss. My energy levels are great. PNut has been of great help in my fitness journey.”


Innovative Concept

Innovative concept ... excellently executed ! Definitely a much awaited cafe in the Keto-food space ! They do other dietplans too I am told . Since ordering in Keto food options which have no hidden carbs is quite a challenge this first of its kind pioneering cafe in Gurgaon is receiving a lot of attention among the Keto groups too. The two dishes that I tried Cauli-rice based Hyderabadi Mutton biryani had a very authentic & delectable taste as did the Keto Thai curry Can't wait to try the other Keto dishes am told the sandwiches & paranthas are yummy.

Harmesh Khanna

Retired Banker

Fitness plan, right here!

I had the sample box just now and I can't wait to get a plan customized for myself. Being a fitness enthusiast and always on a look out for Protein rich meals I came across PNUT and I am thinking why I didn't find them earlier. The Chicken Omelette, Mustard Rice Fish and Chicken Salad all were to perfection. For future orders though I think I should mention I need more protein and a heavier white egg omelette would make more sense for me. Very satisfied overall, no complaints whatsover.

Gautam Khorana

CEO, Sitecook

Walking Fit

“I am on PNUT Big Protein Theory Plan since May’16 and boy do I get high protein wholesome food delivered to me each day, absolutely. I can refrigerate and reheat my meals according to my workout schedule and it’s a no brainer. PNUT is a right fit for people like me - the “overworked and over-scheduled individuals”. I get my meals delivered to my office and also carry my fit-boxes to gym. Working out and eating clean hasn’t been this easy since, ever!”

Gautam Khosla

Bain & Co.

Muscle Building

“There are time when one feels the urge to lose fat without doing anything extra ordinary. Pnut helped me in achieve exactly that. Pnut's full day plan has helped me a lot during my training days. I was actually able to gain muscle mass in addition to major fat loss. Based on my requirements I stuck to Low Carb High Fat diet for two months to achieve my desired results. Timely deliveries made it quite easy for me to adhere to the diet and get closer to my aim. They were open to make changes in the food as per my food habits which was a great thing on their behalf. All in all, looking forward to again availing Pnut's services in near future.”


Healthy Food Redefined

When I was first introduced to PNUT, I was told it is for people who want to eat healthy and avoid carbs. Well, it was true. You were a gym freak's paradise. However, I wanted to try some food just out of the curiosity to understand what no carbs feel like. Contrary to popular belief, your food was delicious. I loved loved loved it. And even though I do not really understand the point of eating lesser carbs (ps: anorexic body here), i love eating from your place. Healthy food seems a good option after ordering from you.

Gabreille Nelson Mukhia

Delhi NCR

Must have Keto

So I have started doing keto a month back and since I am an eggiterian so I have very less options. I tried this restaurant and really liked their dishes, I tried egg bomber sandwich (must have), panner bhurjee sandwich (ok ok), veg biryani made of cauliflower rice (very bad), coconut Paratha and palak panner (good for lunch), keto muffin (amazing), panner burger (must have). All dishes were well prepared and delivery is very good, packed in microwave safe container. What I don't like is the value for money thing, they charge heavy so I am giving rating of 4. They have a option of full day food on their website which you can get in half price for first time . I took this and that price were value for money. They are including what they are commiting, so go for it , if you are on keto and can spend good amount on food.

Yogesh Vijay

KETO Custom

“Great taste, great health, great price. Thanks to PNUT for providing healthy nutritious meals that help me achieve my fitness goal."

Akshay Puri

Assistant Manager


PNUT Custom

“PNUT is awesome, healthy food which is tasty and customised to my needs. But the best part is the variety of the meals you get, you can never get bored. Great experience from a great team”

Ramakrishna Mallya

Sr. Product Architect


Weight Loss

“I joined the Pnut diet plans about 3 months back, As i live alone and my work takes me travelling quite a bit, the system of 15 days and being able to continue and discontinue the plan whenever i want has worked brilliantly. I started on the plans with a singular objective to change my lifestyle and eating habits, clearly keeping in mind that weight loss and fitness will be secondary, for over 16 years i had a really bad lifestyle of not having breakfast or lunch and then gorging on the most unhealthy combinations of fast food, greasy oily and high carb and sugar diets, along with over 2 liters of aerated beverages in a day,the first few days on the plan were slightly difficult, as i didnt have an appetite for food in the day, But the pnut team asked me to hang in and it would get better, after the first week things became okay. Its now been over 3 months of regular pnut use out of which i was probably travelling for over 1 month, Now i have got used to the no sugar, less masala and salt diet, i definitely feel more energy, better bowel movement and digestion and also a few inches lost( though i am not constantly checking) This is from only following the diet as i have not started exercising yet. A big thank you to the whole team of Pnut, Right from the awesome support extended by Neha to the individual delivery personal who come to deliver the food, the meals are tasty and also varied and requests for changes and additions have never been an issue with the pnut team. ”


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